To set sail on Meteor2 there is no need to know how to tie a reef knot or a bowline. Even if seasickness is an unpleasant memory that prevents you from putting your feet back on a boat, you need not worry. The skipper of Météore2 listens to his crew and the priority is always placed on comfort and safety. Trips departing from Naples allow us to spend a good amount of time ashore and the navigation does not exceed 5hrs per day. It is also the energy and the enthusiasm of the crew members that establishes the rhythm of life onboard Meteor2.

Month of May 2017

1- The Mediterranean diet « in the land of centenarians »

Duration 4 to 7 days.

Focusing on discovering the Mediterranean diet by meeting the local producers and getting to know the region.

In particular we will go to Accioroli village of centenarians to share their culture…and sense of well being.

Proposed route: Naples (Torre del Greco) – Capri – Amalfi – Acciaroli – returning to Naples

For flights: Arrival and departure from Naples.

2- The Islands of the Odyssey

Duration 7 to 10 days.

This trip is based more on navigation as we will sail Meteore2 to the Pontine Islands, Capri, Ischia, and the Gallo islands where the Sirens live.

Essential reading before departure is: Homer’s Odyssey of course!

Proposed route: Naples – Ishia – Ventotene – Capri – Gallo – returning to Naples For flights: Arrival and departure from Naples.

3- Neapolitan literature and cinema

Duration 3 to 4 days, possibly on a long weekend in May.

A more intellectual trip where the works of Elena Ferrante, Curzio Malaparte, Axel Munthe will be our guide to discovering Naples and Capri.

We shan’t forget the cinema as we plan to go either to the Trattoria or to where they filmed IL POSTINO in Procida.

Before travelling we truly recommend the viewing of MARIAGE A L’ITALIENNE, CADAVRE EXQUIS ou VOYAGE EN ITALIE to really stoke your curiosity.

Proposed route: Naples – Procida – Capri – returning to Naples For flights: Arrival and departure from Naples.

Month of June 2017

4- The four elements: water, fire, earth, air.



Duration 14 days

This program includes an extraordinary combination of elements namely – an athletic ascent of Vesuvius – night sailing towards the lighthouse of the Mediterranean at Stromboli … and by day – passing the islands of legends and greeting a God: Aeolus

Proposed route: Naples – Stromboli Islands – Vulcano Island – Ustica – Palermo

Be aware flights: Arrive in Naples but depart from Palermo.

Coming soon for July:

Sejour Grand Bleu …

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